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Hi and welcome to ‘The Week in Italy.’

I’m Jamie Mackay, a Florence-based writer and journalist for international newspapers and magazines including The GuardianThe EconomistFrieze and Art Review.

This newsletter is for readers around the world that have a serious interest about what’s going on in Italy. You won’t find clickbait headlines, advertorials, listicles and stock images of the colosseum here. I will only be collecting information from high-quality English language sources, and translating from the best Italian journalists, to give you, the reader, the clearest possible perspective on what’s actually happening on-the-ground.

What do I get?

The newsletter is broken down into three sections: current affairs looks at politics, economics, and society; art and culture collects information about exhibitions, books and films; finally, this being Italy, I’ve included a recipe of the week, which aims to promote seasonal, traditional food that’s easily reproducible in your home kitchen.

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Thank you and buona lettura

Jamie Mackay

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